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    Using Pepper FlashPlayer on Fedora

    by  • 2014/06/21 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Just a quick post (not a HOWTO yet – feel free to contribute) on how to use the pepper version of Flash Player plugin on Fedora chromium (using Spot’s chromium-stable repo more than likely).  NSAPI has been abandoned in the current version of Chromium in spot’s repo.  I wanted to stream a YouTube video...

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    Informed Disclosure

    by  • 2013/05/30 • Security, software • 0 Comments

    originally posted elsewhere 2012.08.17. The Full Disclosure folks say that vulnerabilities should be disclose immediately. Their arguments have some merits. The Responsible Disclosure folks say that the vendor should have n number of weeks to get a patch out, then it goes to Full Disclosure. That has some merits as well, but the trouble...

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    vsftpd Configuration for TLS and Passive Mode

    by  • 2012/11/27 • HOWTO, Internet, Linux, networking, Open Source, sysadmin, unix • 0 Comments

    The vsftpd standard FTP daemon on Fedora 17 comes configured to not work.  It doesn’t work in normal mode (chroot problems) it doesn’t handle TLS, it allows anonymous by default, and it doesn’t handle passive mode in a way that works with the iptables firewall (because of TLS). Goal: TLS, no chroot-ing, no anonymous,Passive...

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    NFS Server Stopped Working After Fedora 17 Upgrade

    by  • 2012/09/19 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Problem: You’ve just upgraded to Fedora 17 (or perhaps 16) on your NFS server. Nothing is listening on port 2049 and rpc.idmapd isn’t running. You’ve already made sure nfs-server.service is running. Solution: your old /etc/sysconfig/nfs file is messing up the NFS server. rpc.idmapd is no longer needed. (man nfsidmap). Run: mv /etc/sysconfig/nfs /etc/sysconfig/nfs.rpmsave mv...

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