• Re-enable SSLv3 on Firefox 34

    by  • 2015/01/06 • 5 Comments

    TL;DR: set security.tls.version.fallback-limit and security.tls.version.min to 0. Firefox 34 takes the strong stance of disabling SSLv3, completely, by default, with no publicized workarounds.  Due to the lack of TLS_RSA in TLS 1.2 support, many sites have become non-operational. Here’s a non-profit’s site I use that has about ten million users: | ssl-enum-ciphers: | SSLv3:...

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    ZFS Pools on md Devices Considered Dangerous

    by  • 2014/08/15 • 0 Comments

    I’ll revise this post later, but just for now – because in the past I’ve mentioned encrypted zpools over linux md devices for backups – don’t ever do this. It works fine for operations, but I’ve encountered at least one zpool split off an md device that zfs-on-linux sees as too corrupt to import...

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    Fixing Bad Drive Sectors on Linux

    by  • 2014/07/08 • 0 Comments

    There’s some weird thing with modern SATA drives where they will fail a sector on read, but do the proper rewriting when asked to, and SMART still reports a perfectly healthy drive after the rewriting.  Conventional wisdom is that such a situation means that all spare sectors on a track have been used up,...

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    Using Pepper FlashPlayer on Fedora

    by  • 2014/06/21 • 0 Comments

    Just a quick post (not a HOWTO yet – feel free to contribute) on how to use the pepper version of Flash Player plugin on Fedora chromium (using Spot’s chromium-stable repo more than likely).  NSAPI has been abandoned in the current version of Chromium in spot’s repo.  I wanted to stream a YouTube video...

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    The Case of the Mysterious Linker

    by  • 2014/01/13 • 0 Comments

    On a few of my Fedora 19 machines, I’ve had odd linker problems. Apps that used to work, like k3b’s ripper, Audacity, etc. would fail to run with a linker error, such as: audacity: error while loading shared libraries: libopenjpeg.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I checked the packages,...

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