• Firefox Crashes on Fedora 11

    by  • 2009/05/28

    For folks who are running the current development, or soon-to-be-just-released Fedora 11, you might find Firefox to be very crashy. It’s not because it’s the semi-controversial 3.5b4 version (which is excellent), it’s because of a buggy library. I’m running it with the Tree Style Tab and NoScript extensions, and can get a crash half...

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    Quiet Rackmount Server w/ Lots of Storage

    by  • 2009/05/20

    I recently had the power supply fail on my SOHO server, which was a mongrel of old parts, far too many USB cables, and was pretty darn slow. It was also very expensive to run, having a Pentium IV in it, the worst of Intel’s line. My goals for a new server were: *...

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    Reducing Spam with SMTP Validation on Postfix

    by  • 2009/05/06

    This is a neat enhancement to postfix for reducing spam by attacking its economics: making sure it speaks SMTP properly. A spammer gets paid by the message delivered. So, it’s in his interest to flood them out as quickly as possible. Because of this, they rarely implement mailers which negotiate the SMTP connection politely...

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    Mac OS X Keychain Export Tool

    by  • 2009/03/02

    A Mac user might want to export his Keychain passwords and notes for several reasons – using a third-party password manager on Mac OS X, creating a time-resistant backup of passwords, printouts of passwords for the safe-deposit box or attorney, or switching to another operating system. There’s no easy way to do this. Keychain...

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    Portable Computer States

    by  • 2009/02/17

    Here’s a technology idea: combine a solid-state flash drive, a synchronization engine, advanced virtual memory techniques, and a portable hardware abstraction layer to create a portable computer state device. The idea would be like this: you have a small hardware device that you bring with your anywhere. When you plug it into one of...

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    Intel BIOS ISO image with SATA CD-ROM Drive

    by  • 2009/02/10

    Intel thoughtfully has some ISO images of their BIOS flash upgrades, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right flash software for your operating system and then timidly hoping that all works OK. You burn the image to a CD and reboot, then it flashes for you (using a FreeDOS/ISOLINUX system). However,...

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    Running KDE 4.2 On Fedora 10 (Short, Short version)

    by  • 2009/01/30

    KDE 4.2 looks like it’s finally the right version to get me to use Linux as my daily desktop. 4.5 has more goodness baked in, 4.1 was insufficient, but 4.2 looks ‘just right’. I used to be a GNOME user, but with GNOME’s track towards Microsoft API’s (mono) for its centerpiece applications I’ve gone...

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    Cyber Alert System Failure

    by  • 2008/12/18

    I got a National Cyber Alert System alert today about the Microsoft Internet Explorer security vulnerability, now that Microsoft has a patch out. The trouble is, everybody has known about this since last week, and anybody finding out about it today is already hopelessly in trouble. There’s nothing wrong with a notification, “hey, you...

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    Where are the $1 Flash Cards?

    by  • 2008/12/16

    It used to be you could get a floppy disk for about a dollar. If you needed to give a colleague a document it was easy to do so with a floppy disk, and there was no point in returning it. Today, it’s easy to get a 1GB flash drive/card for $8 or so,...

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