• Fedora Strands Xen Users

    by  • 2008/10/06

    From Fedora Weekly News: Daniel P. Berrange laid it out there. “There is pretty much zero chance that Fedora 10 will include a Xen Dom0 host. While upstream Xen developers are making good progress on porting Dom0 to paravirt_ops, there is simply too little time for this to be ready for Fedora 10. So...

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    Cost of Home vs. Business Shipping

    by  • 2008/10/03

    I just ordered a new hard drive from PC Connection and when I went to check out I got quite a surprise. I realize that for a while companies have been charging more for shipping to residential addresses than business, but PC Connection has taken this to a whole new level. My home address...

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    Package Cleanup – Leaves and Orphans

    by  • 2008/09/30

    On an RPM-based system, yum-utils provides a utility called ‘package-cleanup’. It has two useful options: –orphans shows RPM packages that do not belong to any currently-configured repositories, and: –leaves shows RPM packages for which there are no dependencies; that is removing them won’t trigger the removal of other packages. By default it’s concerned with...

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    Fedora, Cobbler & Newkey

    by  • 2008/09/18

    Folks running their own local yum repositories using cobbler will have to add new repos to get continued updates, the ones signed with the new signing key. This isn’t hard, simply pick your mirror for f8 or f9 and add it to cobbler like the following: cobbler repo add --mirror=http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/fedora/linux/updates/8/i386.newkey/ --name=f8-i386-updates.newkey cobbler repo add...

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    iPhone: Developers Burned, Investors Leery

    by  • 2008/09/16

    Fraser Speirs, former iPhone developer, had his application rejected by Apple on grounds that it might compete with iTunes. Unfortunately for Speirs and every other developer out there, you have no way of knowing if an app will be allowed by Apple until the last step in the development process, unless the app already...

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    I’m Not E-mailing You

    by  • 2008/09/15

    Some e-mail systems, notably Earthlink, employ a challenge-response system whereby when you send a user an e-mail you get a response asking you to fill out a form to allow your e-mail to go through. This is improper behavior because spam filtering is your problem (just like I filter my spam) and you’re pushing...

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    NH Broadband Action Plan

    by  • 2008/09/02

    DRED has published its ’Broadband Action Plan’ with recommendations on how to improve the penetration of high speed Internet service in NH. I attended a session in Plymouth last year to provide input on the plan. Overall it’s a good report. I’m especially impressed with its recommendations to get State out of the way...

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    BFC Computing Launches McCain-Palin 2008 News Website

    by  • 2008/09/01

    LEBANON, NH, September 1, 2008 – BFC Computing, a computer consulting firm based in Lebanon, NH, has launched McCainPalin2008.us, a website dedicated to news about the McCain-Palin Presidential Campaign. The site is updated with the latest headlines and videos gathered from thousands of news sources around the globe. McCainPalin2008.us provides a single location for...

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    transcode on macports fixed

    by  • 2008/08/31

    If compiling transcode for macports has you stuck at ‘undefined symbols’ for _mpeg2convert_rgb24 , the problem is that configure isn’t finding the ports version of pkgconfig, so it can’t find the library’s symbols. The right thing to do is to make transcode depend on pkgconfig, so the ports version gets installed for you. I...

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    A Tour of Typefaces for Programmers

    by  • 2008/08/29

    While looking for articles about doing programming on font files Google mostly found me people talking about typefaces for programmers. Jeff Atwood made a very nice gallery of rendered typefaces for folks to look at to help decide which typeface is best for them. I’ve been making do with the default fonts that xterm...

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