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    Fixing Bad Drive Sectors on Linux

    by  • 2014/07/08 • backup, fedora, HOWTO, Linux, mdadm, Open Source, software, storage, sysadmin, terminal • 0 Comments

    There’s some weird thing with modern SATA drives where they will fail a sector on read, but do the proper rewriting when asked to, and SMART still reports a perfectly healthy drive after the rewriting.  Conventional wisdom is that such a situation means that all spare sectors on a track have been used up,...

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    vsftpd Configuration for TLS and Passive Mode

    by  • 2012/11/27 • HOWTO, Internet, Linux, networking, Open Source, sysadmin, unix • 0 Comments

    The vsftpd standard FTP daemon on Fedora 17 comes configured to not work.  It doesn’t work in normal mode (chroot problems) it doesn’t handle TLS, it allows anonymous by default, and it doesn’t handle passive mode in a way that works with the iptables firewall (because of TLS). Goal: TLS, no chroot-ing, no anonymous,Passive...

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