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    peth0 missing from Xen Dom0 (RHEL, CentOS)

    by  • 2010/07/26 • Uncategorized

    Just a quick note for the search engines to find – peth0 can go missing from ifconfig if there is a GATEWAY= entry in ifcfg-eth0 (anaconda puts it here) and presumably -eth1, etc.. Put the default gateway in /etc/syconfig/network instead and use route-eth1 files instead to specify gateways. Reboot for xend to do its...

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    NFSv4 from Linux to ZFS under Solaris

    by  • 2010/06/22 • Uncategorized

    If you’re seeing this, this article isn’t quite done yet. Still setting things up right. Fedora client, Nexenta Server. On the linux side, start rpcidmapd and set it to start on boot. service rpcidmapd start chkconfig --levels 345 rpcidmapd on Wherever your DNS is, make sure your forward and reverse are set up correctly....

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    Installing MythTV 0.23 on Jolicloud

    by  • 2010/06/02 • Uncategorized

    I’ve got Jolicloud on the wife’s netbook, and it’s a nice easy-to-use distro. Trouble is, it’s based on Jaunty, which has old mythtv packages. These won’t connect to our MythTV 0.23 backend in the TV room. There is hope, though, the Avendard repo has newer packages compiled for Jaunty, but they’re a bit tricky...

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    IBM to Exit Hardware Business?

    by  • 2010/04/14 • Uncategorized

    Could IBM be looking to lighten their workload and workforce by re-basing all of their OS offerings on top of Linux? A few weeks ago, IBM threatened patent infringement against Hercules, an S/390 emulator. This was very odd, both because IBM was breaking its patent pledge it made for Linux and because IBM itself...

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    Rescuing a Broken pfSense Install

    by  • 2010/03/03 • Uncategorized

    They don’t make flash drives like they used to. I’ve seen several pfSense installs fail recently due to drives flaking out and the wear-leveling not working as advertised. Of course, you make regular backups of your config file, but in case you forgot, we can probably rescue your config file off of a disk...

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    Dual Screen vs. MythTV vs. Mouse Focus

    by  • 2009/09/24 • Uncategorized

    There’s a problem when running two X-displays with MythTV – some events on the non-Myth screen will steal focus and then the MythTV controls will no longer respond. This thread describes the problem well, but is now closed for comments. Since then, mouse-switchscreen has been written, and solves the problem correctly. It’s possible to...

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    Firefox Crashes on Fedora 11

    by  • 2009/05/28 • Uncategorized

    For folks who are running the current development, or soon-to-be-just-released Fedora 11, you might find Firefox to be very crashy. It’s not because it’s the semi-controversial 3.5b4 version (which is excellent), it’s because of a buggy library. I’m running it with the Tree Style Tab and NoScript extensions, and can get a crash half...

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    Reducing Spam with SMTP Validation on Postfix

    by  • 2009/05/06 • Uncategorized

    This is a neat enhancement to postfix for reducing spam by attacking its economics: making sure it speaks SMTP properly. A spammer gets paid by the message delivered. So, it’s in his interest to flood them out as quickly as possible. Because of this, they rarely implement mailers which negotiate the SMTP connection politely...

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